February 19, 2010

Flush IT - Get It
Is there someone you are mad or frustrated at, or even a sports team that you love to hate? Well now you can Flush It!

Flush It is the first iPhone app that allows you to flush your frustration down the toilet. Simply select a picture from your photo gallery that represents who or what you are mad or frustrated with and swipe the toilet handle. Then you can watch your troubles go down the drain.

You can even take a picture of the flush to save in your photo gallery or e-mail a snapshot of the flush.

As a bonus, if you are extra frustrated with someone or something, press the little boy standing on the toilet. We all know what he does.

Flush It comes with great sound effects and animations. It’s also a lot of fun at parties as a gag for your friends or to share your true opinion of someone.

February 11, 2010

Math Games Addition and Subtraction Edition Released

Do you want to get your children interested in practicing their basic math skills? Do most Math Based games only keep them interested for short periods of time before they get bored? If so, then Math Games is for you.

Math Games comes with two engaging and entertaining games that will help your children enhance their math skills and keep them entertained for hours:
- Asteroids: Clear the astroid field before time runs out by selecting the correct answer to a series of equations. With each new round you have less time to clear the Asteroid Field.
- Stars: Find the answer to each equation on one of the stars and press it to watch the star celebrate! With each new round you have less time to complete the equations.

Each of these games is loaded with animation and sound to help keep your children interested. The more they play, the more they enhance their math skills.

Math Games also comes with a Flash Card based game that allows your children to practice their math skills with no timers and no scores. This game is designed to allow the children to practice without the distractions of a game.

You can also customize Math Games with an easy-to-use Preference screen You can select either Addition or Subtraction, turn the sound on or off and set the range of numbers for the equations to use. The equations can use numbers from 0 up to 99 so you can have equations as large as 99 + 99.

Buy now, at the low introductory price of .99 and lock in free upgrades. We have plans to add more sounds, animations and games to this product and once we do the price may increase as well.