December 27, 2009

Server Buddy - 1.0 Released

Most Sys-Admins have a list of server information stored somewhere on there computer, either in a small database, a spreadsheet or some other kind of document. The problem is you usually need this information when you are away from your computer. With Server Buddy you can keep all of the information about your servers at your finger tips.

Server Buddy allows you to store the following items:
- Name
- Environment
- Operating System (and version)
- Applications Installed (and versions)
- DNS Names
- IP Addresses
- MAC Addresses
- Notes about the servers

What really makes Server Buddy so powerful is its powerful search feature which allows you to search by any of the above categories.

Server Buddy also lets you setup Server Groups to put your servers into for easy access. Servers can even be a part of multiple groups so for example if you have a XServer running OS X with the Apache Web server on it, you could put that server into the OS X, Apache and Web Server categories.

Server Buddy allows you to organize and keep track of all your servers in an easy to navigate system. Once you start yo use Server Buddy you will wonder how you kept track of your servers before you had it.


  1. John, There seems to be something wrong in Server Buddy for adding and Displaying OS:

    Whin I display a server the OS field is part of the server name and I have no option to select it using a right arrow and add an OS to the device record. Any ideas?

  2. John: Please update the "Environments" field

    I use nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn/nn VLAN nnn to identify environments and it is getting cut off in the display.