January 8, 2010

Neon Designz 2.0 - Released

The new and improved Neon Designz 2.0 is Here!!!!!

Neon Designz gives you an unique way to enhance a picture, send a message to a special friend (or someone you want to become a special friend) or see your name in Neon. You can also save your design to your photo gallery.

What sets Neon Designz apart from other drawing/coloring/neon Iphone apps is all of the configuration options. You can adjust the size of the Neon Lights, turn the glow on or off, set the line stability feature, choose from over a hundred colors for the background and for the neon lights and use one of your own photos as the background.

Neon Designz now has the ability to E-Mail your design right from the application. This new feature allows you to create free-form greeting cards or e-mail unique and fun pictures to your friends.

To avoid accidentally clearing your work, we use an Intuitive triple tap to clear the lights. Simply triple tap anywhere on the screen and all of the neon lights will disappear.

Here is a list of some Neon Designz features:

* Use any image in your Photo Gallery or choose from over 100 available colors as your background.

* Take a snapshot of your design to save in your Photo Gallery.

* E-Mail your design or greeting card.

* Chose from over a 100 available colors for your Neon Lights, instead of the usual four to five colors.

* The ability to adjust the thickness of your Neon Lights.

* A Configurable Line Stability setting to help you draw straight lines.

* Ability to turn the glow off or on.

* Intuitive triple tap to clear the lights so an accidental double tap or shake motion will not clear your work.

Neon Designz is an unique app that will give you hours of fun and enjoyment.

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