April 2, 2010

Sliderz Game - iPad app Get It

If you like the Same Game, Bejeweled or Tetris you will LOVE Sliderz. The object of the game is simple; clear all of the tiles by tapping on groups of matching tiles. The more tiles in the group, the more points you get per tile. Sounds like the traditional Same Game however Sliderz adds a unique twist, the ability to slide row or columns of tiles but keep in mind that you lose points for each time you slide tiles.

Not only does Sliderz offer a unique twist on the tile matching games but it also offers fun animations, a number of tile sets and multiple game boards to keep you challenged.

Here is a list of some of Sliderz’s features:
• 11 Tile Sets
• 2 Animation Packs
• 7 Game Boards
• High Scores Save per Game Board
• Ability to turn Sound and Animations off

We do have to give you this one warning; once you start playing Sliderz it will become almost impossible to stop.

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