September 5, 2010

Fashion Math is one of the only games specifically designed to make learning math fun and exciting for girls. Players start off by getting “Credits” for playing the “Stars” math game. Once they get the credits, they can then “Buy” items to dress their Fashion Doll and even take her picture to show her off to their friends. With a large variety of dresses, hairstyles, shoes and pets, girls will be constantly inspired to play the “Stars” math game to change accessories.

You can customize Fashion Math with an easy-to-use Preference screen. You can select either Addition or Subtraction, turn the sound on or off and set the range of numbers for the equations to use. The equations can use numbers from 0 up to 99 so you can have equations as large as 99 + 99. The harder the equations, the more credits the girls will earn which they can use to buy more items for their dolls.

Fashion Math also comes with a practice, flash card, style application that will allow the players to practice their math skills without a timer or pressure of a game.

Fashion Math was inspired by my desire to create a game that would entertain while it was teaching math to my daughters.

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